Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well, the house LOOKS clean, anyway...

Sitting here eating cheese, crackers, and apples--my favorite lunch--and willing my sore throat to go away. No, I refuse to get sick over the holidays! I've been hit by at least three mysterious sore throats (plus assorted random symptoms that manifest into a knockout illness) over the last year. The doctor has no idea what the problem is. I think he's tested for everything. I'm starting to wonder if it's allergies. (Welcome to Austin, allergy capitol of the world.)

I hired a maid service to clean my house today. Could I have done the cleaning myself? Yes. Do I have time? No. Let's put it this way. It took two experienced cleaning women almost two hours to clean my house. And that's not including laundry, dishes, and picking up, which I have been doing sporadically over the past three days. It also excludes my darling husband's office, which he refused to pick up at all (probably because he knows it is beyond hope). Now the maids are gone, my house looks sparkly (sans hubby's office), and I still have four or five loads of laundry to cycle. And Christmas decorations to put up. And so much more that I am not even going to mention.

Dozer was quite polite while the maids were here. He stuck with me, per my request (read: command), and we stayed out of the way. Unfortunately, he is incredibly farty today, so our house smells a lot less clean than it should. In fact, for a short while I had him closed in the bedroom, and when I went in there to let him out, I had to turn on the ceiling fan. It was terrible! I don't even want to know what the maids thought... how embarrassing.

Today I'm taking Dozer to the animal shelter to meet a potential housemate. He's going to hate it. And it will be worse since his stomach is apparently upset--he will be awful, I know it. But at least I will find out how the other dog feels when confronted by a sick, anxious, grumpy, anti-social selfish jerk dog.


Anonymous said...

I am always concerned when Daisy is around other dogs now. When we run into other dogs on walks sometimes she ignores them and sometimes she wants to check it out and gets unruly. I hesitate to let her say "hello" because I am not sure how she might react. Since i have not been taking her to the dog park for over a year, she is not exposed to lots of other dogs, and she is maturing (2 1/2) so I am concerned about random introductions.

Leila said...

Ohhh the infamous gas! Quizz has been the worst lately! I've tried to blame the cat, but the amount would make the cat float to the ceiling. So it has to be the dog.

Quizz has always been pretty good with his meets and greets. An occasional growl here and there. But, if I'm lucky the meetee's owners will allow me to have a walk with them. Walking has always been the equalizer for Quizz. Then he is friends with whoever the dog is, large or small.

Though I do have to say I have a couple of retrievers in the neighborhood whose owners think my dog will eat their dogs. People.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Poor stinky Dozer! Sometimes Tucker farts so loudly he startles himself and then gives us accusing looks, and we say, "No, Tucker, that was you." Even if it wasn't.