Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And the "meet and greet"...

...bombed. I was hoping it wouldn't, but I had doubts... doubts that proved to be right.

Dozer made his growly "I don't like you" display and the other dog said "You want some? Here's some!"

I have no problem with Dozer's behavior and I'm sure Dozer would have been quite good if this had been a home visit (shelter wouldn't do a home visit). On the other hand, this did give me an opportunity to assess the other dog's level of dog friendliness, and unfortunately she didn't meet my rather high (too high?) standards. She would still be a great dog for someone who just wanted a cuddlebug.

I think the shelter was annoyed with me for being the catalyst that resulted in a "best as only dog in household" note on the dog's file.

Back to the drawing board.

I have no idea how to choose a dog. They usually just show up at my house.


Anonymous said...

Thats too bad. Was Titan ok becuase he was a puppy?

happypitbull said...

No, Dozer can be okay with adult dogs. The other dog must be fairly calm, has to be brought onto our property, with me or hubby present, and Dozer must be told, "It's a baby. Be gentle." (Even if it's not really a baby.) So that's how Titan came into the house.

Dozer tolerates other dogs, but only at our house. Never in public. I think it's because he sees the new dog as part of the household, and that makes it okay. At least, okay enough. Dozer will mope and grump and sulk about foster dogs, but he won't antagonize.

He's a real home body.

Leila said...

I'm sorry that the meet and greet didn't work out. Getting the right chemistry is hard.

I think the fact that you had a basic success with Titan shows that Dozer will come around. Now to find the right organization that will work with you.

Quizz and I are sending all the positive vibes we can your way! Plus feel better!

forsythia said...

DOZER!! Be nice! There is plenty of love to go around.