Monday, December 29, 2008


We adopted a dog this weekend. She's approx. three years old, "buff" colored (greyish tan like a nice leather car interior), 40-50 lb. pit bull mix. Sweet, alert, good on a leash, intelligent and interested in learning, and seems friendly toward other dogs. The shelter called her Lula, but I'm going to call her Star.

She's getting spayed today, so she has to stay at the shelter until Tuesday. No pics yet, alas. The only one I have is a terrible photo obviously taken by the shelter immediately upon intake; she is cowering, and her eyes are big glowing yellow balls. Her photo is so bad that I didn't even consider her when I was doing a web search; I went to the shelter to look at a different dog and ended up checking her out as well.

I'm so excited, but also nervous. I have no idea how Dozer will do. The shelter did not require us to do a meet-and-greet, which was a huge relief. Instead, I am going to do the slowest possible intro--two weeks of crate and rotate--before bringing them together. Hopefully by then he will have accepted Star as a roommate (I think 'pal' is probably asking too much).

Now I've got to do some reading up. I haven't trained a green dog for years. Our comfy routine and our house rules are about to get all shaken up. The chaos will be similar to that created by a foster dog--but we're keeping this one, so I have to get my training cap on.


forsythia said...

Congratulations. Can't wait to see her picture.

Mia said...

Congratulations on finding Star - I can't wait to read all about the homecoming! Dozer will eventually get used to the idea! The best thing I learned about introducing dogs is to walk them together 2-3 times a day until they get used to the idea that they are in the same pack. I know things will go well!

Good luck!

Rinalia said...

Awesome, I'm so glad you stayed committed and were able to find a dog...even with all the hoops rescue agencies seem to be making you go through.

Can't wait to see pictures!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Star's a lucky girl!

daisydog said...

Oh how absolutly wonderful! What a lucky dog! We can't wait to hear all about her and your experiences! When i integrated Daisy into the pack she was about 5-6 months old, and we had one pretty bad scuffle, thats when i hired a trainer. My other dogs were little though, 17 pounders. Things have been fine since then.

Leila said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Saw her picture on Dozer's site and she is adorable.

Have faith and patience and your family will come together.


Sarah, Jackson and Patrick said...

Obviously, my dogs are chihuahuas and not pitbulls, but Jack was is very anti-other dogs. He however adjusted very quickly to Patrick and now they are best friends. I'm sure everything will work out!