Monday, December 01, 2008

Back to normal, whatever that is

Titan got adopted today, and we're hoping it will stick. I think it will; the family has an extensive dog-owning history and experience with cattle dogs as well.

So with Titan's departure, I'm looking forward to cleanup. I can un-puppy-proof the house: pull down the dog toy box and the giant tiger toy (the giant lion toy succumbed to its injuries shortly after Titan discovered the stuffing inside), put away the dog crate and the extra metal bowls, wash the dog blankets and beds, vacuum, and file away Titan's adoption paperwork--or just dump it on the floor in my "to file" pile. Dozer won't care.

The timing is perfect, since it looks like I have a steady job for a while. The textbook company I'm freelancing for has started churning out chapters for me to copyedit. Yay! Work!

I'm toying with the idea of redesigning a website for a local pit bull rescue as my big donation for the holidays. They badly need a new site--their current one is outdated and unpleasant to navigate--I'm just not sure how to tactfully approach them, especially since it looks like someone took a personal interest in creating the current site, investing a lot of themselves into it. What should I say? "Wow, okay, I know you meant well when you designed this, but the purpose of your site isn't very clear. Are you trying to rescue dogs, or induce migraines?" Gah. :/


forsythia said...

Congratulations on placing Titan.

janetleej said...

Is there a APBT rescue in North Texas?

happypitbull said...

Good question. I'm not aware of any pit-specific rescues in North Texas, which is a shame, because the Dallas area could really use some education and assistance. Though it's certainly possible that there are some small rescues up there that don't have much of a web presence.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

A lot of companies and organizations seem to like their hopelessly retro/cluttered/confusing sites. My favorites are the ones that immediately start playing MIDI music when opened. 1996 called, it wants its site back! ;-)