Friday, December 05, 2008

So I thought the end of November would bring me a little downtime. Instead I got an unexpected call from an old boss, and to make a long story short, I am now working on two rush copyediting jobs at once. Which is great, because I love copyediting, and more than that, I love getting paid tons of money to copyedit.

But it means no downtime. Except weekends, which I am going to fight to keep free. Not that I'll be doing any relaxing on the weekends, since I've got Christmas shopping and cards and housework and all that jazz to deal with.

Dozer has become both frisky and pesky over the last few days. I'm sure part of it is boredom, and part is the colder weather blowing in. The other night when I was copyediting past 3 am, he began to get increasingly impatient with me. He acts as my "bodyguard" around the house, following me everywhere--it's what he considers his "job"--and I guess he figured it was very late, and he was tired, and he wanted to clock out and get some sleep, and I was being unreasonable by staying up so ridiculously late.

So he started whining: a quiet, yet shrill, continuous gasping sound. I tried to silence him by letting him outside to potty. I gave him a treat. I stared him down. I told him "no," whereupon we had a conversation that went like this:


Byrd got home from his job at about 3:30 am, and at my request (Dozer was now whining with every breath out), he took Dozer to bed with him. Dozer did not go willingly, but I think he finally realized I was not ready for bed, and there was nothing he could do about it.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Hmm, sounds just like a vizsla I know who shall remain nameless (*COUGH*)tucker(*COUGH*)

forsythia said...

Dozer was right. It was ridiculously late. :-)

Leila said...

Dogs do love their routine! Quizz huffs and puffs. THEN, if I'm sitting down on something he can fit on, he finds a way to throw himself across my lap (all 60lbs of him)no matter what I'm doing. Or he sits at the computer desk sending the guilt vibes, wishing he was his cat brother who leaps up on the computer desk and sits on my keyboard.

We love our boys!

daisydog said...

LOL! Daisy is the same way. She goes 100 mph, but once its bed time she is sacked out! Thanksgiving day was a great example, she was the social butterfly with the crowd until about 7 pm, then she curled up into her bed in the living room. Some of her favorite people came over and she was too tired to "deal" with it, their feelings were quite hurt.

pam said...

Are you in my house? My conversations with Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies have the same exact ring.