Monday, April 24, 2006

Will Classes Ever End?

This may have been my first semester back at college, but I sure seem to remember the semesters during my undergrad years lasted longer and ended with significantly less panic. This semester's end has crept up on me like a gigantic tidal wave. Now the bulk of it looms over me as I paddle frantically toward shore against a riptide. Will I drown? Stay tuned.

Needless to say, the work I want to do on my website and my blog remains untouched as I splash through the end of the semester. Even my day-to-day life is completely on hold. Our fridge is barren. Pieces of shredded dog toy litter the floor weeks after the dirty deed was done. Piles of clothes sway and quiver in the laundry room. Up until yesterday our lawn looked like we'd been on vacation for months. I finally conned Byrd into mowing after musing aloud that I might hire someone to do yard work. (I think the suggestion brought his masculinity into question.) I have spent the last week like a hermit in my office, working on projects and papers with sweaty hands and strained eyes. When will it end?

Over the weekend I wrote a twenty-page paper. I have one more twenty-page paper due by Thursday, plus a personal portfolio, a large website plus documentation, and a software documentation project. I need three or four of me.

And that's why I haven't touched my site or my blog in weeks. See you in early May!

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