Saturday, April 08, 2006

Five Days??

Has it really been five days since my last blog? Time certainly flies, even when you're not having much fun. As most college students are fully aware, the end of the semester is upon us. My three graduate classes are wrapping up the semester thick with projects galore. I have been doing homework pretty much nonstop for days now.

I admit, I wasted today. I spent a good portion of the morning working on my Happy Pit Bull website. I'm trying to revise the Shelter page to more accurately discuss the various methods of appropriate and inappropriate canine containment. It's not re-posted quite yet, but I hope to finish it soon, and quickly, since it's eating up so much of my time.

What else did I get done today? Clark and I went to Sonic for lunch. The toy in the kid's meal was a coroplast glider. I assembled it, put stickers on it, and then went outside to throw it for a few minutes. I went back inside and tried to read chapter 9 of "Writing Software Documentation", fell asleep for two hours, woke up, and went upstairs to work on my website for a while longer. Then Clark came out of his office and fell asleep on the couch for several hours. I moved into the bedroom and sat on my laptop reading headlines. Clark came into the bedroom and fell asleep on the bed. I played ZamBeeZee for an hour. And now I'm doing this. Next I will make some leftover spaghetti and try to finish my reading so I can start answering the homework questions.

The dogs have spent the entire day sleeping in whatever room I am in. When I was upstairs, they went to sleep upstairs in their crates. Now that I am in the bedroom, they are sleeping on the floor beside the bed. Felanie is snoring, but Dozer is keeping one eye on me. He knows dinnertime is fast approaching (8:00 pm every night). For a little while this afternoon I stood outside on the back steps and threw a Frisbee-like toy for Dozer. But there are nails in the yard after our roof was re-shingled, and the mosquitoes have also come out of hibernation, so the game of fetch was very short-lived.

What a waste of a beautiful day. Why do I always feel so miserable when I spend the day sitting around like this? The stress of unfinished homework and class projects is weighing heavily upon me, yet I resist and procrastinate. Perhaps tomorrow will be more fun; it's our first anniversary and we are planning to go to Enchanted Rock State Park.

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