Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Puppy fever

Something is wrong with me.

Three of five new foster puppies
The other two, sleeping behind the toilet
I was all like, hey, I have an exam and a presentation coming up, I've just gotten over being sick, I'm having trouble getting to the housework and website work, I'm prepping for a garage sale next weekend... Really, how much harder could it be to add some five-week-old puppies? Hahahaha!

Actually, what I really said was, I can totally foster ONE puppy for this ONE WEEK (spring break).

And my foster group was like, cool, we do not have one puppy for one week.

And I was like, but I gotta get me a foster puppy something bad.

And my foster group was like, cool, we have five puppies for three weeks?

And Byrd was all like, NO NO NO no no awwww yes all five please now now now.

And I was like, damn it.


Leila said...

Congratulations on the new additions, however temporary they might be. They are adorable, which will save them from the consequences of their mischief. You'll have to let us know how Dozer and Star are doing with them.

meggyme said...

They are SOOO cute. I'm sure that will make any mischief excuseable.


PoochesForPeace said...

I'm excited to hear more about them! I can't wait until I am able to foster.... One day!

Sarah Loves Life said...

hehe love it! puppies are just too fun :)

Daisy Dog said...

You saved their little lives, you hero you!!!! You make my heart sing when I see what you do. ((hugs))

forsythia said...

I'm going to show your pictures to our grandson who wants to get a dog of his own once the family's dowager-dog crosses the rainbow bridge, which could happen within a year. He's talking purebred dogs, but I am trying to convince him to adopt a mutt.

2 Punk Dogs said...

You are crazy! I am sooooo jealous right now, as foster anything would not go over well here. Even if I could get the Mr. to go for it(highly unlikely), Maggie, Duke & the 4 cats would not be happy. (& I just submitted a project & have an exam next week too, plus work is busy)
They are so cute, the sleep deprivation will be worth it! You rock!

IndestructibleLioness said...

Aww they look like Teddy Bears!