Saturday, October 08, 2011


Guess whose thyroid is broken?
"Let's play with this half-eaten tennis ball!!!"

Routine bloodwork revealed this new ailment, which we can add to Dozer's ever-growing pile of health issues. The symptoms of hypothyroidism aren't particularly obvious: generally acting "under the weather," easily tired, weight gain, hair loss and skin infections. Dozer's old age and allergies produce the same symptoms, so we weren't thinking about the thyroid.

The solution is a simple one—one tiny pill every twelve hours for the rest of D's life—but it's amazing how difficult this seemingly simple task is. Mostly, we've had trouble being home at pill time. Right now we're administering pills at 6 AM and 6 PM, but because I've been at class and job-recruiting events on many days, and Byrd works until late, the 6 PM target isn't always hit.

"I believe I can fly!"
The treatment has made a difference. Dozer seems to have regained some of his goofy spirit, he's more interested in getting attention and pats, and he's even playing a bit with Star. All his joints still creak when he moves around, but he seems less "old."

"Here it comes again!"
Ironically, Dozer isn't the first family member with hypothyroidism. Byrd couldn't help but be a tiny bit pleased that Big D was taking after his daddy. "Now we both have to take pills forever!" he says.

"Ugh, now it has her drool all over it."
Doesn't our backyard look depressing? It's 100% dirt. We were responsible citizens during this severe drought and we didn't water our backyard grass at all... so it died. Nevertheless, we've just heard that our local water plant has broken, so the city has issued a formal emergency: no outdoor watering, period.


Kari in Vegas said...

We are glad to hear he is feeling better


K-Koira said...

I'm surprised its a twice a day pill. I take thyroid daily, but just once, in the morning, and that seems to be standard for care, at least in humans. I guess dogs are different?

DianeTaylor said...

Hi dozer wow, i am so sorry to hear about your health issue. I think you look GREAT in your pictures with Star. Taking pills suck but i am so glad to hear it is helping! Have a great time outside in this nice weather terrozing.....i mean....playing with Star!

Daisy Dog said...

Dozer, you are like me! A money pit! Or the million dollar doggie, as mom calls me! Sprocket was on thyroid meds for a long time too. Pills just means cheese therapy, so that sounds ok.

Kimberley said...

Well I am glad that he is feeling better, although I could imagine the two pills a day for the rest of their lives being a little difficult. I lived in a town with a drought, but it never got quite that bad. I hope God sends rain your way soon. But, I am sure the dogs are happy either way, as long as they have a backyard to run around in. :)

A Confessed Pit Bull Addict said...

Our Téa also has hypothyroidism. Of all of the health challenges out there, this is one of the most inexpensive and easiest to treat as far as long-term issues. We were able to put her on the lowest does and she's been her regular sassy self ever since.

Pit Bull Frogs said...

Glad to hear the thyroid meds are helping Dozer. Looks pretty darn perky in those pics :) Hope you get some rain soon!

Pit Bull Frogs