Thursday, September 22, 2011

Roast Dog Recipe

2 lazy indoor dogs
1 yard of dirt
1 bowl water
1 sun

Set outdoor temperature to 100+ degrees. Use full sun for even roast.

1. Place dogs and water in dirt. Dogs may run at first. Lazier dogs will settle faster.

2. When dogs have settled, set timer for 15 minutes. Check on dogs every 2 minutes, or leave door partly open.

3. Dogs will turn themselves over and will apply water as needed.

4. If dog begins to whine or bark, check for doneness. Older dogs may be done sooner. How to test for doneness. Your roast dog is done if: voluntarily comes to back door; has a sweaty animal odor; is hot to touch; tongue hangs out.

5. Remove roast dog from yard after 15 minutes or when done. DO NOT OVERCOOK.

6. Allow roast dog to rest until cool.


Daisy Dog said...

LOL! Do you put sunblock on them first? Now that Daisy has had 2 skin cancers removed I hardly let her roast, and I have slathered her with block from the beginning. She gets early am and late afternoon sun baths when the back yard is mostly shaded.

Leila said...

You made my day! Quizz loves to roast. He gets a very strict regime. Now that he's older, he definitely knows when he'd had enough. Then he drinks the cat's water dry. Charlie is unamused by Quizz cooties.

forsythia said...


K-Koira said...

Lol, Koira made roast dog earlier today. It is a favorite activity in our house!

Kari in Vegas said...

Mine do the same thing


Alley903 said...

LOL, I love your post, it's so funny :)
Yes, in California our two dogs, plus one foster dog melt too. Our black dog melts within 5 min. and has to cool of in the puddling pool - on many occasions we caught her sleeping there too.
I love it when they melt, they don't have any energy for mischief.

DianeTaylor said...

LOLLOL!!! This post cracked me up! Star is such a sun worshiper!

Stephanie said...

HA! I always threaten to roast my dog-ter.

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GreenEyes said...

Love it! My dog loves to "roast" too! He thinks the hotter the better! And he sure is cute while he's out there.

Pitbull Mommyof 3 said...

I have a pitbull roast with my boy! We have to make him come in on the real hot days...sometimes we have to pick him and his 70 pounds up because he won't come in! Loved this post :)

Jessica - Pack Leader of
Bongo, Page and Reggie

A Confessed Pit Bull Addict said...

Hilarious post! Thank you for cracking me up!

Anonymous said...

LOL Your pics are hilarious. I adopted my very first pit four years ago. The first summer I had him, he would lay on the black driveway all day long, on the hottest of days, panting through it all. I'd try to get him to move to the shade or the grass but with no success. At one point, I starting searching online to see if I should be worried since his coat was just about scolding to the touch. I was obviously relieved to read and see pictures of owner's similar experiences. Again, your pics are hilarious...I'm still smiling :)