Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hives(?) Photos, Day 2

Today I touched base with Dozer's regular vet over the phone, to update him on Dozer's progress after yesterday's hive outbreak: less itching, but the rash is spreading out and darkening.

Much to my dismay, our seasoned vet admitted that he has really not seen any dog with hives that present quite like this. He told me that he definitely wanted Dozer's dermatology vet to see this particular reaction. Perhaps it really won't impress the dermatology vet, he said, but it definitely left an impression on him.

Not quite what I wanted to hear from a very experienced guy that rarely seems fazed by anything.

The dermatology vet has never seen Big D's hives, or the aftermath. She has always told us to go to the regular vet. And after talking to the regular vet today, I realized the derm vet was probably passing us off because I keep calling this event "hives"—normal, boring, highly treatable, common old hives—which is a little different from "freakish burning red-purple lumpy rash covering his entire body," thus leaving her with the wrong impression about this event.

Anyway, here is day 2 of the "hives" (or whatever this is)—12 hours after Benadryl and cortisone injections. Note the worst areas, where the skin has turned a disturbing green-gray. Do any of you know why it would turn that color? I'm very curious about what is happening under the skin to make it such a sickly color.

Doesn't he look downright contagious? My mom came over and she was scared to touch him because she thought he had a communicable disease.

I'm sure it's an allergic reaction; I'm just not sure why it's so... gross.


Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

We are crossing our fingers that Dozer feels better soon :)

Kari in WeHo said...

poor guy, we hope he feels better soon


H Ski said...

Wow, I can't believe how it is spreading. I hope you figure out what is going on Dozer feels better soon.

forsythia said...

We raised a little of standard schnauzer puppies once. Two of them developed abdominal skin that looked like this. They were sleeping on cement (outdoors) on hot days.

DianeTaylor said...

Holy crap that looks even worse than yesterday, poor Dozer. I hope they can help you guys and get it under control. Thinking good thoughts for you, Dozer.

Daisy Dog said...

OMG poor boy! What did the dermatologist say? Noidea aboutthe color change, but it looks scary, is it puss under the skin?