Monday, October 05, 2009

Catching Up

I went the Ballet Austin season opener this weekend with Byrd. It was the first one he's ever seen. And he actually said he enjoyed it! (A huge improvement over his initial reaction when I asked him to come with me, not appropriate for reprint here.)

Oh yes, folks, a couple of pit bull owners went to the ballet (gasp!)! And we dressed up real fancy and refrained from dealing drugs during intermission and we did not bust a cap in the orchestra conductor or... okay, I'm too tired to come up with any more stereotypical imagery but you get the idea.

Star continues to have her ups and downs in agility. One minute she's focused and excited and ready to go, and the next she's totally distracted by cows in a neighboring field or the dog next to her or a bug that landed on her butt.

Dozer's leg has healed up enough that he can run around a bit, and he seems to know it. Allergies are his biggest problem right now.

Dubby is doing much better at the adoption site now that he has fur (no more sunburns), and now that he evidently realizes I'm coming back later. The adoption counselors tell me he sleeps most of the day. He goes to an adoption site that is much closer to my house, now, so my total daily driving time has been cut from almost 2 hrs to about 20 minutes. I drop Dub off at site every day at 11 am and pick him up every day at 7 pm.

I've had yet another bout of sore throat mystery disease, though this one lacked the fever and other symptoms. This time, I raced in to the ENT, who took some samples of the whatever and sent it off to the lab. Hopefully I'll have some answers by mid-week. In the meantime, I'm on steroids, which promptly kicked the mystery disease's ass. Hurray.

And on top of all this, there's the freelance work. After months of waiting around for this particular job, it is suddenly pouring down on me with a fury. I can't keep up!

So every day for me, for several weeks now, has gone:

Morning: Wake up, shower (maybe), check e-mail, do morning chores (chickens, dogs, dishes, laundry), get Dubby to adoption site

Noon: Make lunch, start copyediting

Afternoon: Copyedit, yell at Star to stop ringing the back doorbell over and over because it's too wet outside and she doesn't really want to go out and she knows it

Evening: Copyedit, prepare dinner, evening chores (dishes, laundry, chickens, dogs), pick up Dubby from adoption site

Late evening: Copyedit, do late evening chores (medicate dogs, close up chicken coop), dream about catching up with my favorite blogs


Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

Hope Dozer feels better very soon - and dubby finds a home - and star ...we hope the weather improves so you can go in the yard!!

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

Anonymous said...

When it rains it pours! (I know I'm terrible!) Just know that you are in a lot of people's prayers. You'll get through your tempest stronger, but rightfully exhausted. The best tempests do that.

Quizz, Charlie and I will send you all the energy and good karma we can.

Leila et al

Daisy Dog said...

Busy as that Dubbeee! I hope you enjoyed the ballet, I danced for years (12) until my knee gave up the ghost, I had a major surgery and that was the end of that! Never in a Troupe, just with school and private studios.

I think Daisy totally messed up her other leg, we are off to the vet this afternoon. She was racing around the backyard with Roscoe and came back in on 3 legs.

I hope Dubby finds a home soon. I suppose its good taht you are busy and getting work, but sometimes things can be overwhelming. Steriods usually will kick stuff in the butt, however they are not something you want to be on long term. I hope the docs can figure it out. So you think it is some type of allegies?

Rinalia said...

Do you like the routine or do you prefer more diversity?


Raising Addie said...

Hello there!

What performance did you see by the Ballet Austin? I went to school in London while in college for a semester and I loved going to the ballet. My husband has only been once and I believe that is all that I will get out of him.

Glad Dozer is doing better. How long has Star been doing agility? I have thought about it for Lucie. She loves to run through the tube things at the dog park.

Dubby is just the sweetest! Very glad that your drive is not so long now. I sure hope he finds a home soon. Someone is missing out on his adorable puppyhood!

Sorry to hear your not feeling well. I sure hope they can better figure out why that happens to you so they can prevent it in the future. It must be so frustrating.

Hang in there!


forsythia said...

Star has a DOORBELL?!?!?!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Oh come on, you must have busted a LITTLE cap on somebody, right? The snooty doorman maybe? Oooooh that guy makes me so mad!

"Ups and downs at agility" made me giggle a little. That's the name of the agility place that Dennis goes, "Ups and Downs". :-)

Kari in Redwood City said...

I think I would be distracted by cows in the field next to me if I were doing agility!

Life With Dogs said...

You do quite well considering how packed your schedule is. And in this economy, work has to be a priority.