Thursday, July 16, 2009


Byrd and I planned to go up to Oregon to visit family. We would have had to drive, since Byrd doesn't fly, so the whole trip was going to take two weeks. We were going to see things like Yellowstone, Mt. Ranier, Devil's Tower, and so much more along the way. Stuff I've never seen before.

We were going to go in early August.

So in May--yes, MAY--Byrd submitted his vacation request for the two weeks in August we'd picked for the trip.

I planned the itinerary, reserved hotels, mapped our driving route, went to AAA and got a bunch of maps and travel books, and got totally riled up about seeing Prairie Dog Town. Byrd was excited about the prospect of a vacation unaffected by hurricanes.

Then today, a mere three weeks from our departure date, Byrd's higher ups suddenly said he can't have the time off after all!

WTF. Is that even legal??!?

Now I'm sitting here cancelling hotel reservations that I made months ago--some of them nonrefundable--watching our happy vacation crumble while simultaneously wondering just how bad it could be to be in jail. Cause I am this close to a destructive rampage in the corporate offices.

Hey Mom, good news: You won't have to babysit the dogs for two weeks. :'(


Princess said...

Sounds like something that might happen to me at unspoken company. So sorry to hear about your ruined vacation. I won't tell you how wonderful it sounded...

~P's Mom

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

so sorry your vacation got cancelled - you should make the company reinburse your hotel costs - corporate america stinks - we should send all our kids to bark at them

Woodrow Sweetie & MJ

forsythia said...

This is a nastiest, meanest thing I ever heard of. It should be illegal, if it's not. That's one good thing about working for the government. Things like that can't happen.

PBOforlife said...

I'm so sorry your vacation got cancelled. I live in Oregon and its been just beautiful here. His "higher ups" sound like jerks. Just let me know if you lose it, I'll come bail you out. :) Diana

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear. How distressing. Not sure where Byrd works but if they had already OK'd the time off and you lose any money from your reservations/concellations, I think they are required to reimburse you. That sucks.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Where I used to work, they did that to one guy ... the week before he was supposed to go on his vacation to like Costa Rica or someplace, they told him he would have to stay and work on some project. So he quit and went anyway.

PoochesForPeace said...

sorry! hopefully u can reschedule sometime, it sounded like a great vaca.

Sharon said...

Oh, how terrible :( No chance at appealing to the higher-ups?


Raising Addie said...


We are sooo sorry that you don't get to go on vacation. I'm guessing that he has already tried HR at this point to see if there is any possibility of help from them?

We are planning a trip to Vegas in Sept. We have not been on vacation in 2 years!!! I believe I would go insane if I couldn't go!