Monday, July 27, 2009

Now I've heard it all

And I have nothing to say about this. If you need me, I'll be in my bed, under the sheets, avoiding the rest of mankind.,0,602678.story

Police Bust Canary Fighting Ring In Shelton

Nick Caito Fox 61
5:47 PM EDT, July 26, 2009

SHELTON - Multiple state law enforcement agencies busted up a bird fighting ring in the town of Shelton Sunday morning. However the birds involved are known more for their voice than violence.

Police confiscated nearly 150 songbirds- canaries and saffron finches- from a home at 176 Ripton Road. Police say the birds were being prepared to fight. The raid was led by Shelton Police with help from the Department of Agriculture and officers from Bridgeport, Ansonia, Fairfield, and State Police departments.

"They have a cage in the middle that's set up like a ring, where the two will go into one cage and fight." said Shelton Police Sergeant Robert Kozlowsky. "It's looking like animal cruelty and illegal gambling. They [officers] have found a large amount of currency also at this scene."

Animal control officers were seen carrying cages upon cages filled with birds from the residence. According to a relative, the homeowner claimed to be collecting the birds to breed and sell. Neighbors who witnessed the raid were surprised at both the multi-agency response and the unorthodox nature of the bird fighting.

"Am I being punk'd?" asked neighbor John Coniglio, referring to a television show famous for playing pranks on celebrities. "I mean, this is crazy. I've never heard of a canary ring. I can't picture little canaries with razor blades taped to their feet or anything."

The raid christened 19 jailbirds along with $8,000 cash.


Janet Johnson said...

and so the logical thing would be to ban canaries - NOT. Bad people will be bad people, and so they are the ones that must be dealt with. The animals be they pit bulls, canaries, or whatever must not be made to pay for the crimes of the bad people!

Daisy Dog said...

I heard about this too. Unbelievable. The next thing will be BSL Bird Specific Legislation!

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

yup bird specific legislation - wow - with your permission i would like to pass this on to some bully people

Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

happypitbull said...

Yep, you can crosspost if you want. It's not mine anyway. :)


Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

Unfortunately Leash Laws in NY are useless - the officer has to see the dog off leash and be able to find its owner - So these idiots get away with it everytime - Cause it usually goes like this - I see the dog loose - i call police - police come hours later (usually 1.5 - 2hours) dog or owner no where to be found!!

Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

Princess said...


I don't even know what to say to that!

Daisy Dog said...

I'm sure you have already heard this:

I am furious. I hope he has a hard time finding a team That will take him and his pay is minimal!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to quote my cat:
"Stupid Humans!"

The depth of human cruelty is only balanced, and sometimes eclipsed, by the heights of human kindness. I choose to balance out my corner of the world with as much kindness as I can.

Kindness begets kindness.

Raising Addie said...


It never would have occurred to us that anything like this could exist. It's just crazy!

Chasing my tale...
Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

Dennis the Vizsla said...


People suck sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey- I was just wondering how your eyes are doing? I'm considering doing the ICL surgery and ran across your entry in 2006. Any words of wisdom?

forsythia said...

I heard this, too, only the article mentioned only finches. Couldn't believe it.

Luda's Mummy said...

My logical assumption was the canaries were dogs, not birds.

My city council has been asked to consider BSL. Based on this development, I am sooo relieved that one of my city council members wants "major reform of animal ordinances targeting every irresponsible dog, cat and parakeet owner." (Not!).