Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Spayed but not as stated

The shelter did not spay Star last Monday, though they claim they did.

There is a scar that appears to be from spaying. But it's a very old scar.

I took Star to the vet because, frankly, I didn't see any sutures and I thought I was going crazy. I wanted the vet to give me some answers. And the vet agrees, so I'm not crazy (about this, anyway)--my dog sure didn't get spayed a week ago.

I'm a little annoyed because the shelter literally went through the entire song-and-dance about spaying. They held my dog for three days in order to "spay" her. And when we picked her up, they showed us that "the sutures aren't inflamed, the incision site is very clean." (I took their word for it at the time; Star was wiggling all over like a crazed worm and I couldn't really see anything at all between her flailing legs.) And they warned us not to give her a bath, and keep her calm for several days.

What's worse, when we filled out the adoption paperwork, we felt sure she was already spayed. The guy helping us with the adoption forms said "Great, you can take her home today. That will free up space for more dogs!" Then he said "Oh, no, she hasn't been spayed, so you have to wait to take her home." The waiting was not a big deal--if they had actually spayed her. But they didn't. And what is implied by the guy's statement is that, because Star had to stay and take up a run for an additional three days, that meant some other dog got euth'd because there wasn't enough space.

Nice. Not that there's anything I can do about it now. I did gratefully give her a bath, though. She seemed happy to be clean and did a bunny hop across our lawn afterwards.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Hmm ... did you happen to notice if everyone at the shelter was doing air quotes when they said they "spayed" her?

I seem to recall something similar happening when we got Trixie -- not that they held her, but that they told us we had to get her spayed, even though it turned out she already had been.

forsythia said...

Sorry for the mix-up. but meanwhile, it looks like you've got some kind of show-biz personality on your hands. First, she wiggled like a "crazed worm." I would have loved to have seen that. Then, she "bunny hopped" across the lawn. Sounds like your Star is a real ham.

forsythia said...
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One Red Horse said...

Stella gave me a little surprise three weeks after I brought my "spayed" sweetie home from the shelter. I freaked when she started a reddish discharge, took her to the vet, only to learn she was entering heat. HUH! Turns out the shelter made a mistake on her paper work. They did right by us but what a surprise.

Sarah, Jackson and Patrick said...

That is very shady... did you inquire with them?!