Monday, January 26, 2009

He said WHAT?

Byrd asked me today, "Do you want to have a baby?"

I was putting up things after dinner and this caught me totally off guard. This, from a man who insists he hates kids. I thought he was joking around.

I didn't answer. I asked him back, "Do you?" Still thinking he was joking. His usual response to my teasing suggestions about procreation is "HELL no."

This time he said, "Yeah, maybe."

I nearly choked.

Could it be that he's softening up a little, maybe feeling his age? Or is it the fact that I'm staying home, taking care of things, that makes him feel more comfortable with the image of a traditional family?

Not to worry, though. I won't be ready for kids for another five years, at least. I still have a lot I want to do before taking on that sort of responsibility. And then there are the dogs.


forsythia said...

Well, it's a start. :-)

Our daughter and son-in-law welcomed their little boy last March into a tiny house two large dogs and two cats. We have Ramsey, the pit-bull, on loan to us now. and one of the cats died this spring, but they still have a full house!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Wow!!!! Okay, I have to go lie down now ...

Anonymous said...

A baby! maybe you just need a few more chickens for him to calm down :)