Thursday, August 28, 2008

When Cranes Attack

Yet another crane collapse. I had no idea these things were so dangerous, but it seems like everywhere I look, there's another deadly crane attack in the news.

Ever since that excessive news coverage about the New York crane collapses, I've been noticing more headlines with the word "crane" and I just feel compelled to click on it and read the horrible article. Heck, if you do a search for "crane collapse" in Google you get, like, a zillion results.

My psychologist keeps muttering something about "confirmation bias," but we'll see who has the last laugh when that crane falls down on top of his fancy downtown condo.

Enough is enough! These cranes are killing us. Ban them now!

1 comment:

dennisthevizsla said...

hello its dennis the vizsla dog i agree we shud ban cranes becuz they skwawk reely lowd and they mayk nests in chimneez and they poop all ovr evrything and -- wot??? oh sorry i thawt we wer tawking abowt birds nevr mind then ok bye