Sunday, August 24, 2008


You know what's depressing? BSL. You know what's more depressing? Writing about BSL for six hours a day, five days in a row. You know what's even more depressing? When your life is so consumed by writing about BSL that you really have to struggle to talk about anything else.

Which is why I've avoided writing in my blog. Cause it's pointless, really. There's nothing to talk about except BSL, and BSL sucks, and it's depressing.

It's depressing to read the ignorant, hateful public comments after every negative news article (and after the positive ones, too, as if there is just no way some people can believe that there's anything good about pit bulls).

It's depressing that our politicians are doing absolutely no research before mouthing off about "ticking time bombs" and "never hearing about Labs attacking people." I don't have a team of people working for me, yet I've heard of Labs attacking people.

It's depressing that everyone ignores all the experts saying BSL doesn't work, all the countless scientific studies indicating BSL doesn't work, all the organizations saying they are against BSL. For some reason, a handful of disgruntled, fearful, selfish individuals' opinions count more than logic, science, and equality.

It's depressing that all these people getting severely bitten by non-pit bulls don't say anything. You know, like "Hey, um, what does this BSL do for me?" In fact I even read a comment by a guy that was attacked by a non-pit bull who was like "Ban pit bulls!" I could not even begin to understand where his hatred of pit bulls was coming from, or why he didn't seem interested in doing anything about, you know, the dog that actually attacked him. WTF?

I'm so ready to be done with this so I can get back to enjoying my life for as long as I can before the depressing reality of January sets in. Because in January the Texas legislative session starts up and you can bet we'll be seeing... BSL.



janetleej said...

There are some bright spots (just not very many). One of the articles in the August 21 edition of the Sanger (Texas) Courier is "Dangerous dog resolution squashed", in response to the city of Duncanville's attempt at a resolution to ban "dangerous" dog breeds. This is a final quote by the mayor of Sanger, TX "I feel it's not the breed, but the owner that dictates how vicious a dog is, is what all this boils down to." There are some in Texas who get it!!

Sanger Tx pit bull owner

janetleej said...

Also from the same article (Dangerous dog resolution squashed). Councilman Robert Patton stated that Sanger already had quite a bit of control over the dog issue by holding the dog owner responsible for any actions taken by the dog.

Well duh? How hard is that?

dennisthevizsla said...

Politicians get a lot more mileage out of saying "ban pit bulls!" than out of saying "well any dog can bite so let's talk about irresponsible owners and ways we can encourage people to socialize their dogs" ...

Rinalia said...

I'll be crossing my fingers that Texas remains a BSL-free state.

While I feel there has been progress made, it can be so disheartening knowing there are still communities trying to kill/ban pit bulls (or any dog who looks like one).

Hope you can find some way to focus on the positive amidst all the yucky stuff. (I bet Dozer can help with that, heh).

happypitbull said...

Janet, that article slipped by me. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! It is really nice to know that some folks get it. I see it rarely and it feels really good.

forsythia said...

It IS depressing, but then, every struggle looks nearly hopeless from time to time. I read in the Writers' Almanac today that it took women 70 years to get the vote.

Jon Low said...

The uphill battle against BSL is a lot like the Civil Rights Movement in the 60's. The odds were against the Civil Rights workers, too. Don't give up.