Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have a daily tear-away calendar on my desk called "Pooped Puppies" that shows one picture of a pooped puppy per day. Aside from my disappointment with these sorts of all-breed calendars because pit bulls are rarely featured--they mostly show Golden Retrievers and fluffy dogs of various sorts--I'm particularly disappointed by this one because, based on the title of the calendar, one would expect to see lots of tired, sleepy, adorable widdle puppies.

Yet every few weeks, I see a picture like the one for today--what appears to be a tired, sleepy, not-so-adorable adult black Lab mix. Or the one a few weeks ago which was a tired, sleepy, adult Bloodhound (besides, don't most Bloodhounds look sleepy even when they're not?). Or one which featured a cute little puppy that was decidedly not pooped. And then of course there are photos of toy dogs. Sure, they're small, but that doesn't make them puppies.

Oh well, the calendar was a gift anyway. All the calendars I've bought for myself are pit bull rescue calendars. That way, I get my fill of cute pit bulls, and my money supports a worthy cause.

Other recent events:

One of Dozer's innocuous skin tumors bled everywhere, prompting a rushed trip to the vet for a giant bandage (he's okay and the tiny hole healed up on its own, no worries, but my carpet is stained, sigh).

I got something the doctor thinks is tracheitis--an infection of the trachea--which involves difficulty breathing, fever, swollen throat, and all that fun stuff. So I'm on antibiotics, steroids, and some sort of throat-numbing lozenge. And I actually feel great. In your face, germ or virus!

We discovered that Byrd has a serious fear of flying. When we attempted to take a short flight (45 minutes) to Houston this weekend, he couldn't even get on the plane. We were planning to go to New Zealand/Australia in September, but that has been called off because of this new development. It's a 17 hour flight and the trip itself is about $5K per person, and I don't want to risk that much money if Byrd can't even make it past the gate. We'll probably substitute with a different sort of vacation that won't require flying. That's not to say we won't go to NZ/Aus in the future, but first Byrd will need to overcome his anxiety issues and take some short flights.

BSL is stirring in Texas. Several cities are trying to (or have) passed BSL in spite of Texas state law, which prohibits BSL. And several more cities plan to ask the legislature to remove that particular state law so they can pass BSL legally. Cities in the Dallas area seem to be pushing the hardest. Makes me sick to think about the consequences if the anti-BSL clause gets dropped out of state law. It'll be like Ohio or Iowa before we know it.


dennisthevizsla said...

Yikes on the bleeding tumor! If that happened to Dennis my wife would've needed a sedative.

Boo to Texas. I think we need OSL (owner-specific legislation) instead of BSL.

forsythia said...

I have never understood why people are so ga-ga about goldens. Give me a silly, good-natured, ready-to-romp pit bull any day.

Daisy Dog said...

I was wondering if Dozer could come and stay with me while you go on vacation. I don't think that mom would mind! Roscoe might teach him to be Rascally tho.....

happypitbull said...

He he, Daisy, thanks for the offer but you'd have to battle Dozer's grandma for the honor. ;) My mom has agreed to stay at my place and watch him. I'll have to keep your proposal a secret from him or else he'll be very disappointed to not visit with you. Not that Grandma isn't fun (in a shrieking, flinching sort of way--she doesn't like dog drool), but meeting such a smart, talented pit bull like yourself would probably have made him very happy. He's been sort of lonely since Felanie passed. My cousin brought her little dog on a visit a while ago and Big D was as well-behaved as I've ever seen him, trying to impress the lady, I'm sure. (The lady couldn't have cared less for him and spent the entire night hiding under the dining table.)