Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dozer on YouTube

Happy Pit Bull has its own YouTube channel now, which means... videos of Dozer!

No, don't groan loudly and roll your eyes! (At least, not until you've seen the video...)

Now I just need to recruit some friends or family members to help me get some more footage. Stay tuned for planned episodes like "Dozer Makes a Mess," "Dozer Helps Put Away Groceries," and "Dozer Plays Until He Drops."

Happy 4th!


forsythia said...

Today's (July 7) Washington Post has a front-page story on pit bulls: SAVING MICHAEL VICK'S DOGS "Pit Bulls Rescued from the Football Player's Fighting Ring Show Progress in an Unprecedented Rehabilitation Effort." I wonder if this article will help get the pit bull BSL off the books in neighboring Prince George's County, where we live.

Daisy Dog said...

Dozer I am very excited about your new TV station, I let everyone know about it. If you become famous I was wondering if mayber I could get your autograph?

happypitbull said...

Just added a new video - Dozer helping with groceries. :)

Daisy, I hope he does become famous, at least a little. Pit bulls need some good media coverage, some positive images, and some normalization! Thanks for helping to spread the word.

Families Against Breed Bans said...

What a thoroughly enjoyable blog and a wonderful pittie! Dozer should be video'd again and again and again! The more positive pitties and their responsible owners that hit YouTube/blogs, etc the better.