Sunday, January 29, 2012

The grass is always greener...

... in Texas "winter."
Holy cow, that grass is green.
We plant rye grass every fall, to cut back on mud during our "rainy season." It's cool, soft, and gorgeous. And sort of ironic that I have to mow the lawn every weekend in January. (We don't mow in the summer because the grass is dead.)
"Throw the ball!"
"MY ball!"
"He's kind of a jerk, but I love him."
This was our weekend project. Since we now have a garage, we can tear down this old shed. In three "easy" steps...
A little later, we moved into the new garage to do some work. Dozer made himself at home in a large plastic tub that had some old blankets in it.

"If this isn't my dog bed, why do I fit just right??"

He fell asleep in the plastic tub.


Kari in Vegas said...

we have the same issue in Vegas

Stop on by for a visit

Erin T said...

Love the pictures of him in the tub! Too cute!

a lil bit of Sarah said...

My Pit also enjoys finding items to snuggle in :) You have gorgeous dogs!

Feel free to check mine out:

Pitbulls are angels said...

awwes thats so cute :) and since your a pitbull lover you mind signing the petition to unban them where I live? and maybe spread the word


PoochesForPeace said...

i think bright green grass makes a white dog look pretty, i love taking pics of spuds in the spring here when the grass is so healthy!

Dozer is so We tagged u in a game to play, come see!!

staci said...

Greetings community members! My name is Staci and I am an intern at Animal Rescue of Tidewater (ART) located in Norfolk, VA. We are comprised of local animal rescue groups, animal’s rights advocates, trainers and responsible "Bully Breed" owners from Southside Hampton Roads, Virginia.. I am very eager to share/hear what others have done to raise awareness, as well as help and care for their local Pit Bulls. Our Pit Bull Awareness page has a lot of great information on what we are doing to help our local pups!

Tracy Wilson said...

Awww- how cute- man, your grass is GREEN! I live in Savannah, and our weather is mild...we usually have flowers starting to bloom in February- but my grass doesnt look like that!

New follower- nice to meet you.
Tracy & The Pitties