Thursday, December 08, 2011

Photo Shoot

Armed with my trusty tripod and camera, I was determined to get a good family photo for this year's holiday cards.

First was the setup... Getting everyone in place and figuring out where to put the camera.
"Why are we sitting in a corner? Were we bad?"
Looks good. Okay, let's see how it goes...
We appear to be choking the dogs.

Dozer's totally feeling it, but the rest of us...

Oh, man, the dogs were perfect in this picture.

Dozer relocated mid-shot.

"Oops, that wasn't the timer button. Sorry, hang on..."

Aaaand Byrd was officially out of patience!

I did not hear the camera beep.
And then Star couldn't take it anymore:
"... so ..."
" ... done."
We couldn't get her to stand up again. Dozer totally gets the whole photo shoot thing—he'll look at the camera and smile and everything—but to Star, this was clearly some insane exercise that we had devised to punish her, and she sure as heck wasn't gonna take it anymore.

Nevertheless, with 39 shots to choose from, I managed to find a decent one.

About halfway through the photo shoot, I learned that my camera has a self-timer multi-shot function. Omigosh! It really sped up the whole process. What a life saver!


sp said...

i think you ended up with a great shot!

i had to resort to pasting individual pictures of all us into one image for our holiday card last year, i have no idea what i'm going to do this time around...

Emily said...

Oh goodness, this is adorable! A multi-shot card that showed the process would be really cute! Our little lady is totally camera shy and loves to turn her head if you take a picture-- or maybe she just thinks she has a great profile.

forsythia said...

Wow, you did it. I also like the one where you have turned away to look at the dogs.

bitt said...

cute!! i am not going to even attempt to take a picture of all of us this year. if I can just get the two dogs that would be a miracle. :-)

Kari in Vegas said...

what a great photo :)

Stop on by for a visit

Daisy Dog said...

They turned out great! Thanks for the card we love it :)

Pound Puppies Mom said...
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Pound Puppies Mom said...

Wow that is very impressive! I can't even get my two pups to sit next to each other without breaking into playtime

a lil bit of Sarah said...

Exactly how my holiday photos went! hehe