Monday, April 25, 2011

Sally's farewell photos

Foster dog Mustang Sally has been spayed and is now attending adoption sites in search of a new home. I got some funny and great photos of her toward the end of her stay.

(Star's patented Paw-Smak™ technique. Guaranteed to take out an eyeball!)

Dozer is only too happy that this toy-stealing, ball-chomping, rough-romping gal has moved on. I think Star's a bit depressed after losing her playmate. Even mealtime couldn't get her excited enough to stand up.


jen said...

Sally has such a pretty face :)

Texas The Doxie said...

Wow that is depression!

Daisy Dog said...

Well there will be a new foster to keep her busy soon enough, I am sure! Check out Daisys blog, we won a portrait sitting in a drawing. Its pretty cool. Say hi to Dozer :)