Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And they're gone

All the foster puppies went to their new homes yesterday.

I cried a little bit.

Typical day in the nursery

When the two girls conspire, you know there's gonna be trouble.

Big boy Bowser and little Yoshi were play buddies.

Yoshi won every puppy battle. Bowser preferred to roll around.

Princess Peach was the rowdiest of the bunch.

Princess Daisy loved to sneak behind me and bite me on the butt while I wasn't looking, then clamber into my lap with a blinding halo over her furry little head.
For a while, I thought Mario would never get adopted. When prospective owners came to visit, he would fall asleep behind the toilet.
King Louie was the biggest goofball. Here I caught him passed out with his head in the crook of the toilet base. It made him snore incredibly loudly.
After a struggle, I regained my senses and ultimately decided not to adopt Luigi. But I admit, I kept hoping his adoptive family would back out so I could keep him.
So long, little guys. Good luck in your new homes...

I realized as I went through all the puppy photos that I didn't get any pictures of the puppies with Dozer or Star. Not that they really hung out at all.

Dozer thought of the puppies the way a person might think of a pillbug--strange little pests, not worth even a sliver of interest. He usually acted as if they weren't even there, though he did a good job of not stepping on them.

Star was... Star. Weird and silly. She developed a habit of strolling over to the nursery and making gutteral grunts and grumbles through the baby gate, as if holding some sort of conversation with the swarm of puppies. You know those YouTube videos of dogs that say "wow wuff wroo" and people in the background say "Awww! I love you too!!"? Star's conversation was a bit like that, a very human-sounding babble.

And so, life resumes its "normal" pace. I'm about to go back to work full-time, on top of the freelance job I'm working. And I'm still taking economics and statistics classes too.

Don't even get me started on the massive list of extracurricular items I want to tackle by year end.

In other news... new mailbox, completed front wall, and functional wall lights! Yeah! One more project crossed off the list.

The folks across the street had their mailbox stoned in at the same time, so we match.


Leila said...

Congrats on the successful adoptions. Though having the little puppy monsters gone will be sad. Dozer will have his mama back to his self again. (Star not withstanding)All is right in the world again.


Maureen and HoneyBuzz said...

Is Nancy breathing a sigh of relief or is she missing the little buggers?

Hound Girl said...

Congrats on the wonderful upbringing you did for them and the adoptions! Wheew I get tired just watching all those puppies in pictures!

Kari in WeHo said...

so glad the pups all got homes, they sure are cute


Kirby said...

Congratulations on the puppies. How awesome they all found good homes. Did the mom, Nancy find a home too? I know it has to be sad to see them go, but how awesome you were able to provide for them. I volunteer at a local shelter and we try to get foster homes for the pregnant moms that come in, it doesn't always work and usually not all the pups survive in the shelter...I wanted to thank you for all you did for Nancy and the pups. Because of you, they have a future!!!!

Kirby's mom

jen said...

aw, I'm sad that I won't get to see more adorable pics/vids of them!

Princess Peach looks just like my little beagle mix.

You have a strong character to part with all those adorable faces!!

Daisy Dog said...

Wea re glad they all got homes, but what about momma Nancy?

happypitbull said...

Nancy's still looking for a home. She was moved to a new foster who will have the spare time to give her some much-needed socialization. I was really reluctant to move her since she was very happy here, but she can't go to adoption sites (too timid) and she doesn't show well during home visits by potential adopters (runs and hides). If she ever wants a forever family, she's going to need socialization, and since I'm working all day and coming home to work some more, it's just not something I can do for her right now. Her new foster works at a dog wash and will be able to take her to work, so Nancy can learn to trust people again. I think it will work out, but I still feel sad. She was a sweet little dog and she got along with Dozer and Star just fine. And she didn't miss the puppies one bit! :D

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