Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Puppies, week four

We're into the middle of week four with the foster puppies, and I finally have some videos. I even added some elevator music. Enjoy!

Here are some highlights from the puppies at three weeks old. At this time, they were living in a large box that a nice person gave to me for free.

Here are the puppies at almost four weeks old. They were being incredibly cute, so I didn't edit the video. Consequently, it's a bit long, but if you really need a puppy fix, here you go.

And here are the puppies recently, at four weeks. They have moved out of the box and now have most of the floor in our guest bathroom for running around.

This is probably my favorite video. The puppies are really in their cutest stage right now. Can you guess which one is my favorite? :)

It's a pretty far cry from a month ago, when they were like this:


jen said...

oh my gosh! these pups are criminally cute!

do they all have homes waiting for them?

Hound Girl said...

oh my dog that is so darn cute, makes me want to hold them all and cuddle them. there is nothing better than puppies! Ive been waiting to see what they looked like and they are just too cute!!

Awesome job on taking so good care of them!

happypitbull said...

@jen: No, they don't have homes yet. We'll start advertising on the rescue group's site and on Petfinder when they are six weeks old. Hopefully, this means they will all be spoken for by the time they are eight weeks old, when they get spayed/neutered and are ready for adoption.

They are really stinking cute. I have a terrible fear that this will result in my first ever foster failure. Even Byrd's no-adopt mantra ("no, no, absolutely not, NO") has gotten a lot quieter over the last few days. He keeps playing with and cleaning up after these puppies he "hates."

Daisy Dog said...

I think I just had a puppy squeal from all the cuteness! Your favorite? King Louie or Luigi?

How do Dozer and Star feel about all this stuff :)

happypitbull said...

@Daisy's mom: Bingo. In reverse order, those are my two favs. :D Dozer and Star had their first exposure to a single puppy walking around in the dining room today. Dozer just focused on the treat bag on the counter, and Star left to take a nap in the bedroom. No enthusiasm whatsoever. :-/

Ozzie and Spanky said...

Little monster babies! I love them all! You are an amazing person for taking these pups on. They are lucky to have you!

The Whitfields said...

They are just precious! I hope you find great homes for all of them.