Friday, April 02, 2010

Quilting, and a mural

So it's been a while. Work's been crazy. Nuff said.

And I've been doing a bit of this, too (not me in the picture):

Our foster, Sweet Pea, is still with us. She's a darling, but she really needs a home of her own. Brindle dogs don't get adopted quickly, so I'm worried about the length of her stay. Plus, I can't take her to adoption sites now that I'm working, so the foster org is trying to advertise her strictly via their website. Oy.

You're gonna laugh at this, but I think I want to learn quilting.

Yeah, I know, with all the stuff I'm involved in already, why add another activity??

But the thing is, I think all my computer work is slowly killing me. I mean that literally. My migraines are worse, my hands are getting shakier and achier, and I constantly feel like I'm in a fog. I'm theorizing that my 14 hours a day on the computer (work and extracurricular activities combined) are probably at the root of it. Just a theory, mind you.

So I want to try out a hobby or something that will pull me away from the computer, yet still satisfy my creative needs without requiring a lot of outdoor time the way my only other hobby does. That other hobby being gardening, which I love, but which is impossible in Texas for eight months out of the year unless you are a fan of heatstroke and fireants.

This year our white wisteria is going all out, by the way.

So why quilting specifically, when there are other options?

I mean, I don't know the first thing about sewing. I signed up for a Sewing 101 class, and the confirmation email said I should bring my sewing machine and an empty bobbin. The sewing machine is no problem--I bought one years ago for some reason--but I had to email the instructor and ask what an empty bobbin was. That's how clueless I am.

But quilting seems like a neat thing to learn. I've always enjoyed geometric designs, and I've been drawing something like mandalas since I was little, since before I even knew what to call them (or that other people draw them too). Traditional quilts play off that geometry.

And from a practical perspective, we use blankets a lot around here, both for us and our bed, and for the dogs.

Anyway, I'll take a few quilting classes and see whether I like it. It means even less time on the computer, but I think for me, that's probably a good thing right now.

Bonus section: Jungle mural, 1997

When I was in high school, me and a group of three other students painted a mural on the art room wall. I was in charge of the birds and a big chunk of the greenery. Here's a Scarlet Macaw.

This is a Quetzal, and the bird below it is a hanging parrot of some type (maybe Blue-Crowned?).

I'll show you some of the rest of the mural, but don't laugh at my outfit, okay? You don't dress up for art class unless you want to ruin your clothes. :)

Me and my art teacher, Mr. Leija, in front of the mural, which covered the art room door and several walls at the entrance to the art room (which was L-shaped):

Zooming out... The mural actually keeps going to the left and up, up, up, but it's all mostly plants.

I wonder if it's still there? The last time I went by my high school, which was many years ago, they'd whitewashed all the other groups' murals, and ours was the only one remaining.


Janet, Gus, and Gracie said...

Quilting is an excellent idea. You will have fun! Go for it!

Kari in WeHo said...

isn't it annoying when life gets in the way of blogging? :-P I plan to learn knitting in order to get away from the computer. So far I bought books...

Pibble said...

I think quilting is a great idea - if not painting, seeing how you obviously have talent there, too.

It's hard to pull away from a computer. The time flies by, and we don't realize 14 hours have passed. Our muscles tense, our heads ache - and then we wonder why!

We have a dog at our shelter named Sweet Pea, who I absolutely love. Now, there are TWO Sweet Peas that I love. Yours is so pretty. I hope she finds a great home soon!

laura said...

First of all, I love brindles! I mean it, I love the way their colors blend and I'm shocked that this isn't a popular feature. As for quilting; please do give it a try. Don't worry if you're not perfect at it in the beginning because perfection is boring. I love to sew and I'm sure you will too. There are tons of sewing blogs out there to help. Actually I wouldn't be sewing today if it wasn't for the internet, so start googling!!

Leila said...

quilting is an excellent idea. Gets your eyes away from the screen. Sometimes you just have to do that thing that grows your heart and mind.

I love the fact that Sweet Pea's coat grew in brindle. I think the right family will come along. Just look at her with the chickens!

Keep us updated!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

So ... you're NOT a fan of fire ants and heatstroke, then? Sweet Pea is looking much furrier these days!

PBOforlife said...

I say go for quilting. If you don't like it stop...but I have a feeling you'll love it. Sweet Pea is adorable. We have two brindle pitties now. Love them to death.

forsythia said...

Why are brindles difficult to place? I'd take one in an instant. (But we already have a tuxedo-wearing pittie, so there's no room at the Inn for a brindle now.) Personally, sewing drives me nuts. If it isn't the thread getting tangled, it's the needle getting unthreaded, etc etc. NOT my idea of a relaxing pastime. I go twice a month to a massage therapist who works on my neck and shoulders. HEAVENLY. Seems to help with the migraines.

forsythia said...

I didn't mean to suggest that you shouldn't quilt. You have artistic talent, and if you don't express it, you could get headaches. :-)