Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nanowrimo Week 4 and life is good!

Well. Where to begin? For the first time, I'm ahead of the game, having spent my entire Sunday writing. I'm at 40K words one day ahead of schedule.

And how did I manage this? Especially when the day was rainy and gloomy, preventing me from dumping my rascally foster dog outside in the outdoor kennel?


Yes, folks, my dog-hating grumpy old dog BABYSAT the foster dog.

I kid you not. Dozer played with Titan and kept him entertained for hours. I didn't have to worry about a thing because Dozer kept Titan right by my feet and kept him engaged in real play, not table-chewing and blanket-ripping and carpet-soiling (which is not play even though it's sure fun for the puppy). And after all that play, Titan was so exhausted that he completely passed out! Poor Dozer, who was covered in drool by that time because he'd been letting Titan chew on his face nonstop for twenty minutes, also took a nap.

I was so happy I nearly cried. But no, I had no time to cry. I had to write! So I didn't let my faithful dog down, my poor dog who was enduring horrible torture for my sake--I wrote like crazy.

I really don't know why Dozer played with Titan so solidly, for so long. After I had finished writing for the day, Dozer resumed his I-hate-you-you-bastard attitude toward Titan.

My dog is so weird. But I love him.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Temporary insanity. Yeah, that's the ticket!

EmilyS said...

puppies have mysterious charms..
My old pit bull girl was extremely unimpressed when I brought home my puppy. I have a serious of photos of the them on the couch with puppy inching successively closer until finally Lulu allowed him to lie next to her.

Don't ask why.. just be glad!

Anonymous said...

Well Dozer can read your mind of course! All white pit bulls have this gift, just don't tell my mom!

forsythia said...

Dozer, you are wonderful! Your deserve a spot on "Nanny 911."

pam said...

He thought if he did something his mom would like he'd get more turkey.