Thursday, October 02, 2008

Spoiled by freelancing

Okay, I admit it--freelancing has ruined the way I think about work.

I have a temporary "real job." I'm filling in for one of my old bosses while she's away on vacation. Not even for a full day, but only about 6 hours per day, and not even doing anything except checking email and bidding on the occasional job... yet I'm feeling increasingly antsy and impatient to get back home.

Back to laundry, dishes, vacuuming and dusting. Back to teaching the dog random new tricks. Back to writing, blogging, my websites, my volunteer work. Back to looking at properties with my mom, cooking for my husband, finding random yet amusing Internet sites, running boring errands, shopping for time-saving gadgets that I'll only use once, and plotting new and interesting ways to harass my husband.

I have so much to do, and work just gets in the way!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

It sure does!

Anonymous said...

Well don't forget about poor Dozer being left alone all day by himself!! he sure gets lonely! Mom leaves me alone, and I don't like it!

The Girl said...

Yes, Dozer has commented how lonely he is! He wants you back at home, too! :)

We're so far behind... too many blogs we love to read, too many chores! BOL!

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan and The Girl (Linds)