Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Got me a new car

I heard back from the insurance company. Though I already sort of assumed it, they confirmed that my poor old CR-V was totalled. No idea yet how much I'll actually get for it. It was old, sure, but it was still in great condition. I don't think I'll get to see it one last time, but I'd sure like to. I'll probably call tomorrow and see if I can find out where it is and whether I can go see it. There are a handful of personal effects I'd really like to collect from its moldy remains if possible.

Days of car shopping later (yuck) and I've finally decided to get another CR-V to replace the one Ike ate. Except this CR-V will be 2008 and will have leather seats and a sunroof. Nice, huh?

Of course, being new and fancy, it's expensive, and the insurance settlement from my old 2001 CR-V will only cover a small portion. So it's back to car payments for us, and poor Byrd's dream of getting his very own brand new Toyota Tacoma is deferred once again.

I decided to pay extra for leather seats because of what I call the Dog Fur Factor. Dozer's fur would NOT come out of the cloth seats in my old CR-V, no matter what we did. The fur embedded itself into the cloth and resisted vacuuming and shampooing. Of course, when one opened the windows, the fur would then come loose and blow around in the car, getting into one's eyes and mouth and open drink cups so on. It was really quite awful. I'm desperately hoping leather will be easier to clean and maintain.


forsythia said...

Sorry, but I had to laugh. Open the window and watch the fur fly.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Our leather furniture has been quite durable and fur-resistant, and holds up really well to routine dog use. It's also easy to clean with a damp cloth or leather cleaner. (It didn't stand up to Dennis, of course, but then, what could?)

daisydog said...

Glad you got the new car with leather. I regret not getting leather in my subaru, oh well. Sorry about the car payment, hopefully that is all the damage you sustained. Do you have power and such?

Anna Cluxton said...

I agree with Dennis!! The leather holds up and even with a few little scratches here and there - it remains nicer and easier to clean than fabric!!
Even wet dog smell seems to recover better from leather! Have fun with new car!