Thursday, May 22, 2008

No job, but lots of work

Being in a line of work that can manage it without logistical nightmares, I'm making the move to freelancing. I admit, it was a bit forced; I've been working full-time at a publishing company on a six-month contract, and it just expired (and the company isn't renewing any contracts, no matter what). I suppose I could have looked harder for a job, but it occurred to me that freelancing might give me time to manage the household—God knows my husband can't do that when he's working 50-60 hrs a week—and do some extracurricular activities on top of the money-making part (the freelance work).

It's day four. I have a laundry list of things to do, and I've tried to cross at least one thing off the list each day. So far so good. I've cleaned house, called landscaping contractors, gotten my car's oil changed, and cooked dinner.

I haven't slept in, I haven't watched TV, and I've only done a little web surfing (the same amount I used to do on lunch break, and strictly news articles, nothing "fun"). I "work" from 9 am to 5 pm, with a short lunch when I get hungry.

Dozer doesn't seem particularly concerned about me being home all the time. He sleeps most of the day, usually in the same room where I am (probably because I'm the Grand Master of the Fan, thereby guaranteeing a cool and pleasant temperature where ever I sit). When I change rooms to do something else, he trails along amiably; when I go into the kitchen, he rushes to the back door in the hopes that we will go out and play. (Frankly, I'm in no mood to be outside when the temperature is almost 80 degrees out there by 7 am, so poor Dozer's hopes are inevitably dashed.)

I haven't figured out yet if writing in my blog counts as "fun" or "work."


forsythia said...

Yep, sounds familiar. When I retired 2 years ago, I thought I would have huge swaths of free time. Ha! A live-in ancient mother and 2 grandsons have taken care of that. Hope at least to paint the bedroom this summer. Don't tell Dozer this, but we have a fenced-in back yard and the temperature is hovering around 40 this morning.

happypitbull said...

I would *kill* for 40 degrees in the morning right now. Even in the "winter" here we probably only get about a month's worth of 40 degree days. (Of course, I know there are drawbacks to places that are still so chilly in late May.)

I'm such a wussy about heat, and of course, our heat here is very humid. Usually, going outside feels a lot like walking into a sauna from Hell. The sauna is full of mosquitos and sand lice that cover you and bite you nonstop. And the sun is so bright that you worry it might set your skin on fire.

Needless to say, I stay inside most of the day.