Thursday, April 24, 2008


My husband came home with a massive bruise on his forearm. It was dark brown and as large as a lemon.

Considering his line of work (construction), all sorts of accidents ran through my head. Banged it on a pole, got hit by a rogue hammer, slammed it into an aluminum control box... who knows. He's always coming home a little scraped up, but this was an unusually noticeable injury.

Me: "Oh my God, where'd you get that huge bruise?!"

Him: "What, this? Me and some of the guys were playing a slapping game."



forsythia said...

Boys and bully-dogs just wanna have fun.

Shana said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! that's awesome.

i'm going through your entire blog, i love it so much.

you're gonna have to write a book!

some of my favorite animal books:

Good Good Pig
Marley & Me