Friday, August 10, 2007

Yes, I promise - the new Happy Pit Bull site is coming!

I have been laboring over the new Happy Pit Bull site for several weeks now, basically rushing home from working at a computer for eight hours, just to sit down at the computer and start typing for another eight hours. I am writing tons of new material and rewriting a good chunk of the old stuff. Site visitors' emails (questions and comments) have helped me to determine what sort of material I need to add, though I admit it's partly self-serving, because I get tired of having to write the same answers over and over. I could save a lot of time if my site just covered the question in the first place!

The eye strain and headaches have driven me nearly mad, but I'm determined to get the new site live by the time classes start. My only class this semester involves... a site redesign! I will be redesigning the website for the Humane Society of Williamson County (, which I am completely in charge of as their humble webmaster. So my Happy Pit Bull site redesign accomplishes two things: one, it's necessary for the site itself, and two, I am learning new things in terms of design so that I can create a really sweet site for the HSWC in the next few months.

I'm proud to announce that I have learned the mysteries of rollover and dropdown menu bars, so navigation will be greatly improved. Further, I have learned my lesson about dumping all the site files into a single folder. It's fine for sites with six or seven pages, but definitely not okay for sites with 48 pages and several hundred images (which my new and improved HPB site will have).

Anyway, it's now very late and I have a terrible headache after hours of poring over material and squinting at my computer screen (which is actually rather large but also very bright). So I'll be back at it again tomorrow, but for now, I'm signing off.


Vu said...

I look forward to the updated site! I miss you and am upset that you constantly deny my attempt to chat with you via GMail.

I may also need a puppy pit for a friend of mine. I'll keep you updated ^.^

Anonymous said...

Dear HappyPitBull --

I found your site because I was googling Sensible Choice dog food. Since the recall, we've had to give up SC (we had been feeding it to our dog her entire life, and she's almost 11), and haven't found a good, healthy alternative. Have you had any luck? Thanks in advance! Please email your reply back to me at

- Ellina

Anonymous said...

Saw your blog about ICL...very helpful ...had my right I done today....things still blurry and halo around lights....expect improvement as the days progress..thanks for sharing your experience..things still going well?

happypitbull said...

See what happens when I walk away from my blog for a few weeks (ok, maybe more than that)? Three comments to respond to.

About the ICL surgery - yes, things are still rocking. The halos around lights may not go away - mine have not - and this is because the holes the Dr. makes in your iris, if the holes are not positioned so your eyelid falls over them, act as secondary irises (irisi?) and allow little tiny bits of light into your eye. Hence the halos. But I had halos with my contacts, so to me, it's not a real big issue. And I LOVE being free of contacts/glasses!!

Ellina - I will send you an email. We switched to California Natural, which is not as convenient as SC was (we have to order the food and pickup at a special dealer). But the food is about the same as Sensible Choice in all other respects, and the dogs seem to enjoy it.

Vu, my man!! What up? You're trying to chat with me via Gmail? (confused stare) I'm going to have to send you an email too. I can't possibly be denying you intentionally... I've never even used Gmail chat. Does your friend live in Iowa too? That state's getting pretty pit-unfriendly with a quickness... I wouldn't recommend it for your friend unless he/she has prior experience with pits, thick skin, and L334 communication skillz. Iowa pibble owners need all the help they can get right now.

OK, gotta go send some emails, then update the blog with something boring.